MOGAS Severe Service Ball Valves

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MOGAS Sever Service Ball Valves Mogas ball valvesSevere plant conditions can quickly turn into severe consequences for your business. That`s why companies worldwide turn to MOGAS Industries - the leading manufacturer of severe-service. meta|«seated ball valves. MOGAS is well-known in the power generation and process industries for solving critical problems that routinely plague these plants - leaking valves` seat erosion` blown packing` and the inability to isolate critical equipment- all of which contribute to significant heat rate loss and safely concerns. No leakage. limited maintenance and superior reliability make a MOGAS valve the easiest and most cost-effective valve to operate. Our portfolio of valve solutions lets you choose the design. trim. materials and coatings that best your severe service application. Proudly made in the USA, each MOGAS valve carries an application-specific Performance Guarantee.

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