Piping Specialties
Conval ConvalConval is a premier manufacturer of gate, globe, and check valves for high-pressure, high-temperature applications. These valves are built for extreme longevity, with features such as electroless nickel plated finish, complete material traceability of all wetted parts and yoke, and a pressure actuated backseat which provides maximum valve integrity by ensuring a positive internal stop for the valve stem and disc assembly. The actuated backseat extends packing life by securely isolating the packing from the pressure when the valve is fully open. Valves built decades ago are still in service today.

In addition to their superior design features, Conval Clampseal® valves are also in-line field repairable and have proven to be easier to maintain than any other valve on the market. Conval Clampseal® valves have a secure, leak-proof bonnet which allows rapid access to valve trim for inspection and maintenance. The result is the shortest downtime and lowest life-cycle costs in the industry.

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