Valve Services

Predictive Maintenance Inspection - Power Walkdown

Severe service valves, and the equipment they protect, represent significant capital investments in your plant. To protect those investments and the performance of your facility, we offer a power walkdown - an inspection of your critical valves using contemporary technology and technical experience.

When performing a power walkdown, our experienced inspectors use a proven process to:
  • Capture valve performance data, such as temperatures along the bore path.
  • Analyze the information gathered from the valve performance data and visual inspection.
  • Report findings on our Unit Walkdown Report and, upon request, our Power Walkdown Thermography Inspection Report.
  • Recommend action to repair or replace underperforming valves.
In addition to capturing thermal efficiency readings during the predictive maintenance inspection, we also perform a visual inspection to ensure that:
  • Valves are installed with the correct flow direction
  • Stem scribe lines are accurately aligned or that the valve is fully closed
  • Appropriately designed valves are installed in the proper application
  • The actuator is mounted correctly
  • Joints, body and packing are void of leaks
While suggestions and on-the-spot test results can be given, a more thorough, analytical report is provided. This report provides performance data so crucial issues can be quickly remedied, while non-urgent action can be budgeted and scheduled. A single report can show the results of several walkdowns, profiling individual valve performance and identifying trends. Our recommended action to replace a valve is validated with statistical data within the report. more about Power Walkdown

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