Predictive Maintenance Inspection - Power Walkdown

Cost Savings, Higher System Reliability and Increased Personnel Safety

Valve Services

Severe service valves, and the equipment they protect, represent significant capital investments in your plant. To protect those investments and the performance of your facility, we offer a power walkdown - an inspection of your critical valves using contemporary technology and technical experience.

When performing a power walkdown, our experienced inspectors use a proven process to:

  • Capture valve performance data, such as temperatures along the bore path.
  • Analyze the information gathered from the valve performance data and visual inspection.
  • Report findings on our Unit Walkdown Report and, upon request, our Power Walkdown Thermography Inspection Report.
  • Recommend action to repair or replace underperforming valves.

In addition to capturing thermal efficiency readings during the predictive maintenance inspection, we also perform a visual inspection to ensure that:

  • Valves are installed with the correct flow direction
  • Stem scribe lines are accurately aligned or that the valve is fully closed
  • Appropriately designed valves are installed in the proper application
  • The actuator is mounted correctly
  • Joints, body and packing are void of leaks

While suggestions and on-the-spot test results can be given, a more thorough, analytical report is provided. This report provides performance data so crucial issues can be quickly remedied, while non-urgent action can be budgeted and scheduled. A single report can show the results of several walkdowns, profiling individual valve performance and identifying trends. Our recommended action to replace a valve is validated with statistical data within the report. more about Power Walkdown.

Contact us today for substantial cost savings, higher system reliability and increased personnel safety at your plant.

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